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Athens Grey Marble Slabs

Morestone Granite & Marble Limited, locating in Xiamen, China, are able to supply quality 1.6cm/1.8cm/2cm/3 cm polished or honed marble slabs with various marble color and vein. And marble slabs with antique acid washed finish is also available upon reque

Well selecting good quality marble blocks from various marble quarries, it enables us to offer quality and continous supply of marble slabs with varities of color and vein.

Marble Slabs Processing

Step 1: Cutting rough marble block by Marble Gangsawn Machine into required thickness

Step 2: Unfinished slabs will be epoxy resin polished or honed by automatic polishing machine

Step 3: Polished or honed marble slabs will be packed by fumigated wooden bundle to loaded into container for international shipment

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